Tuesday, July 1, 2008

leaf earrings

leaf earrings
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I love these little guys! So much that I almost wanted to just keep them for myself. But they were for Maya - and her wedding that is coming up next week, so in the mail they went!! I haven't seriously thought of doing molds and having loads of anything cast - until I made these leaves. I've made little sterling leaves before and really liked them - but having them in gold is just a whole other thing! I love them and want to put little gold leaves on everything. I've got ideas to put them on my organic vine pendants - which would provide a whole other level to that series. And of course, I'd make a pair of earrings for myself!!!

It might be a few months before that would actually happen as I've got loads of ideas going around my head right now. I was working on some new things yesterday in fact that I need to photograph. And I've got pieces in the kiln today that are new designs - custom pieces for customers that I am working on some new prototypes for.

And I'm going to Boston this weekend and then pop over to CT to see my dad! woohoo!! This will be a busy week!


Taylor said...

Those are just so adorable!
I'd prefer the silver, though. :)

Ashley said...

I love those. Make more, make more!!

Beth Cyr said...

Aw, thanks!! I do want to make some more! some for myself too!!