Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Rings cont'd

Here are the three rings all finished and they've been listed on Etsy now.
This one is sodalite and is listed here.

This one is aventurine and is here.

and this one is blue chalcedony and is here.

I was inspired to do these rings for several reasons. I'd been feeling kind of claustrophobic (for lack of a better word). I've been going through lots of things in my life and clearing out. There are several pieces I've had listed for sale and they haven't sold. I was tired of looking at them. Some pieces are going to be melted down in to something new, others will be turned in to something else! Like these rings! Some of the organic vine rings just didn't have the pizazz on their own that they needed, but as a band accompaniment to a lovely stone - they are perfect!! I feel like they are starting to give me the depth to my work I've been looking for.
I have so many stones that I really love and they just sit there. I'm hoping that habit is going to stop now and that I continue pairing up the stones to make some fabulous pieces.

I was also inspired by my friend Christine - who does amazing work, but like a lot of artists, is pushing herself forward and coming up with new designs to keep her creativity and passion in full swing. She created three rings that were just super lovely and inspired me to get out of my own run. Check out her shop - keep an eye on her - she is always adding new and amazing items.

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