Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nya says "Vote!"

Seriously, you see that look? The subtext was "and if you don't, I'll bite your face" you don't want to mess w/ her. So go out and vote if you haven't already!!

Its an extremely important day, election, and a time in our history. I know I want to be a part of it, as should every American. Wouldn't it be nice if the president was elected by the majority of Americans, not just who happened to actually vote that day? Yes. Yes it would.


sarawestermark said...

Yes, I that that kitty is in a blue mood today. I voted on Saturday! I almost forgot to vote for president, but thank goodness the machine reminded me that it was not complete!

Beth Cyr said...

oh no!! glad you got the reminder! ha ha! i voted on friday - glad i went ahead and got it done, but just makes the waiting longer!!

Anonymous said...

you have a cool kitty.
We all went out first thing. My kids had fun asking 40,000,000 questions, our kitty stayed home