Monday, June 1, 2009

new possible photo style??

I've been wrestling with my photographs, well, since I started on Etsy! I have pretty much been in a constant evolution of updating my style, background, etc. I've been pretty consistent recently - but with the addition of more and more wedding rings - which I use a white background for - I had to let go of my obsessive need for making sure the same colors weren't 'touching'. Regardless of the fact that I try to have a very controlled lighting situation - I still get variances in the white - even with the same lighting and same camera settings. I understand the mechanics of why it happens, but it doesn't mean that I like it! (and THIS is why I am much happier I became a jewelry major instead of photography major - but that is a whole other topic!)

So back to my newest idea... Instead of using a green paper background, using a giant leaf on a white background. I can never seem to settle on one single green tone that I like better than others - and the variance in using leaves I think might be just perfect. As there are just some pieces, like my organic vine collection, that just do not turn out on a solid white background. The white would end up looking gray in comparison to my other whites and well, it just wouldn't do justice to the jewelry. I'm going to experiment with some real leaves - this was one lobe of a giant fig leaf - I also have a catalpa leaf I'm pressing. I'm hoping that by pressing them, I can have them last in their green state for much longer. My other option is to look for fake leaves and see if I can find some that might look natural - at least to the camera! Then come winter time, I won't have to worry about my backdrops going away!

My main concern in getting consistent photographs is that I really want to get my website set up. And I don't want to have totally random photos all together on a nice new website. Maybe I should just start with the wedding rings anyway - as I love how they all look together! The look of the mix of metal and natural materials (sticks and rocks currently) - all I need are leaves and I think the look would be complete. I don't think I'd ever particular stopped to think about what I wanted from my photographs, but I have had several people make comments about them looking peaceful. And I really like that. Its how I feel when I sit in the woods, stare out at a lake or look up at the sky. Peaceful is good.

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ArgentaCollaborative said...

I wanted to tell you that your jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Please keep up the amazing work. I will have one of your wedding bands on my finger one day; I've never seen anything like what you've done but I knew the second I saw it that it was the one I wanted! Please keep this pair available for when I eventually have my ceremony :]

If you would like to add my blog I would appreciate it also. I just started out but hopefully I'd like it to grow into something wonderful.

Have a great day,