Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Custom Nebula Ring - silver w/ carneilan

I made several of these last year and then like usual don't really stick to making one style. I'd like to come back to making them as I love how they turn out! the organic twist and turn of the fused and hammered "ribbon" - and I love carnelian with silver, especially silver w/ a bit of patina.

They are quite challenging as well, as every bit is fused, no soldering at all. The band is fused and hammered, the bezel is fused to the backplate and then those two pieces are fused together. Then the ribbon of the two fused wires is made and fused to the back of the ring - it all gets tumbled and then the stone is set - and then the ribbon is formed over top of the stone. I was super happy with how this one turned out, especially because it was a custom piece!

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