Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poppy Pendant

Poppy Pendant
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Aww, this sweet little pendant was a suggestion from a customer and I really like how it turned out. And I really like this photograph of it - the little center just peaking over the top of the petals.

I really like making flowers out of wax, particularly in the spring time - I love spring!! especially once the pollen is all over and done with!

My very first Jewelry and Metals teacher, Gary Noffke, was great in teaching me how to really work on waxes. I remember the rose that I made (it was pretty terrible) he yelled at me to go and look at real rose and take it apart and make each petal separately. And i think that is the part about making wax flowers the I like the most now, making all the individual petals and putting them all together, I feel like such a creater making a tiny little flower that will soon be in metal!!

And getting to do all the casting myself is extra nice.

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Kirsten said...

What kind of casting do you do? I'd love to see/read about your casting set-up.