Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Casting bits all done!

casting bits all done
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Got them all finished and appropriately put together! some ended up as earrings, but most as pendants. i made a new lotus stamp last time i cast and finally got to try it out and see how they positive stamped waxes looked! I love love love how they turned out! I made it to match my lotus screenprint that I had done, just did a miniature version in wax for stamping purposes. I need to maybe do some stamps in bronze or something as making the stamp in sterling seems kinda like a waste! A valuable stamp for sure!!

I also did a couple of new grass pendants. the vertical one is oh so delicious - I really am excited about that one and found a use for a tool I had in making the top little bits on the grasses - now they are a bit more like wheat or borderline cattails which I love.

The little tree bark pendant - simple and lovely texture w/ a surprise leave on the back for the bale - almost like the back as much as the front and you could of course wear it either direction.

More oms of course and in the back some dandelion wishes earrings to match the rings and pendants!

Slowly I'll get them added to my etsy shops - the oms and most of the lotuses will be in my yoga shop and the others will be headed to my all jewelry shop. Probably a lotus or two will make it in that shop also!

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