Friday, May 23, 2008

Hand Model? Not paid anyway...

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So there's nothing complicated about these rings. Just simple, hammered, organically fused. I like that they don't look machine made - they are supposed to b/c they were all made by me and my little hammer.

I've just had the set of 5 available, but I've sold so many single ones here in town, I figured I might as well sell them that way on Etsy too! I took this photo as the "options" photo - patina or shiny... and I just really liked it.

I wanted to be a hand model.. jokingly, kind of... but once I'd been working w/ my hands for a few years and then started taking photos of my rings on my hands... well, It was easy for me to see that dream was not going to be a reality. At least not in the paid sense!

The pumice does a tune on drying them out - as does the continual washing. The polishing and cleaning get nice dark bits stuck in the dryness cracks... I get little scratches and punctures and bug bites... hm... but hey - I still get to model for myself now don't I?

I just hope it makes you want to have some of these rings on Your hand, so you can be your very own hand model too :)

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