Thursday, February 19, 2009

Constellation Key Chains

So I had a custom request for a constellation key chain. I loved it! So I decided to start doing more. I'm using an 80/20 alloy instead of sterling as, well, key chains don't really need to be sterling do they? But I didn't want to use another metal that might end up contaminating my silver supply. Maybe its weird, but with all the dust I sweep up and little bits of scrap everywhere, I'd hate to get nickel or pewter or something like that mixed in.

I'm hoping to start doing more key chains too, not just the constellations. I remember when I was a student, my first student sale was coming up and a friend of mine stayed up late one night making really fun key chains. They are a great way to do something quick and fun and loose. I remember that more fondly than a lot of projects I was assigned! You can check it out in my shop here.


Unknown said...

Tese are so neat, Beth. Keychains! When my current one dies I'll get one of yours :D

Anonymous said...

those are cool!
I've been hesitant to think about making silver keychains, since they take such a beating in my own purse/pocket/kid's hands.

But, then again, if my sister ever manages to move here like she's been planning, this would make the perfect gift...