Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Leaves and Tree Bark

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I get so excited when a customer asks me to expand upon a current design - I hadn't found any marquise shaped colored stones that I could cast in place. But then again, I hadn't really looked that hard. So when asked, I went on a search and found some from a company that supplies premade wax ring and stones to cast in place. They had some fabulous colors, but I just went with the green for now as thats what was requested and it obviously makes sense as a leaf. I was ecstatic with how they turned out and particularly how the two different sizes looked together with the tree bark ring. So lovely and adds a whole new dimension. I do so like a splash of color when it works with my designs.


Mrs. Henry said...

oh those are just divine!

Christina said...

you are so talented. i love this combination. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

those are SO pretty! I love the colors with your designs too.