Monday, February 23, 2009

Possible new website?

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I've been working and thinking awhile on updating my website.

This is sort of where I have gotten. My problem is that I am so indecisive and every few months I seem to change my mind. I am currently working on redoing a lot of my photos. So I don't want to do a whole new website and 6 months from now, not be happy with it because I don't like the photos. I've had my logo for awhile, but recently have been thinking, should I change it?

Does Ronald McDonalds ever think - "I don't like my logo anymore"

Its not that I don't like my logo. I do, I just wonder if I couldn't have something better?

I am extremely happy with the fonts I picked many years ago and definitely don't want them to change. And my colors - any variations of green w/ light blue.

I think it just all comes down to the fact that I like change. Change is exciting and keeps things from being boring. I've never really thought I was one to get bored easily. If I love something, I don't get bored with it at all. If I only just like something, I usually think I can do better until I find something that I love. Sigh.....


kerin rose said...

I think your logo really works, as it reflects your signature organic vine line...I wouldn't change a thing about that! Its really strong logo for that reason!

Laura Crawford said...

I'm with you - I think about changing my website constantly. I think updating things like websites and logos is important to stay fresh, just as long as we don't get carried away... :) I like your new template design - it feels very much like "you" - and it's a nice upgrade.

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks ladies!! I appreciate the comments and I like hearing that it seems 'me' as sometimes I don't know what the outer world sees!