Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know a Grammy Winner!

When I heard on NPR that Art Rosenbaum won a Grammy, I was SO excited, almost as if I had won it! Though I never had him as a professor, one of my painting classes was next to his class one semester. The painting room was a very large with extremely high ceilings. It was divided down the middle w/ some lockers and organizing slots for paintings and drawing boards. They didn't go up to the ceiling and didn't block off the two rooms from each other very well. Which was a good thing! Art often brought in his banjo and invited other musicians to come in and play for his painting students (it was a figure painting class if I remember). It was such a treat to get to eavesdrop. His wife, Margo, is in the continuing education jewelry class that I help out with. Her photographs are in the book that comes in the box set of field recordings. I am so happy for them to be honored in such an amazing way. Check out the youtube video above and this article which includes links to more info on him and a video about Volume II.


Christina said...

i had him as a professor for a painting class and he was one of my favorites (if not my favorite). it is very exciting and art deserves the recognition!

Beth Cyr said...

how fun!! he seemed to be a really great teacher. Scott Belville was the only painting teacher I had - and I loved him!