Thursday, July 9, 2009

ant hill garnet and palladium white gold w/ patina

so things have been really busy - as you might have noticed in my lack of posting. I am finally starting to feel like I'm getting caught up. I still have.... well, a lot of work to do, but I've gotten over that hump of feeling completely overwhelmed. I opened my Etsy shop back up - I had decided to close it for a few days to give myself some breathing room. It really helped! Yesterday I completed some important projects I had been working on. This set included - the first tube setting in palladium white gold. I've done tube settings before, though just using ones that had been purchased. Since you can't buy tube settings in palladium white gold, I knew I had to make my own. And since the tubing existed - I figured I could do it. I had to do a practice one in sterling first and I think it turned out pretty fabulous!
sterling and tube set amethyst
Though oddly enough - I am finding that flush setting is easier for me. I was scared of it for so long and now when I have an extra few minutes I drill a hole in a discarded ring and throw a stone in just for extra practice! It revamps the ring and gives me more confidence in offering it to customers.
sterling and flush set champagne diamond

So, yup, I'm still really busy, but going to try to come back to a more balanced work load that includes at least a couple of blog posts a week!


Christina said...

oh my goodness that purple on IS GORGEOUS. i think my finger needs it or it will shrivel up and fall off.

Dimitrova said...

I love the purple stone! What type of stone is it? Marlowe and I were just discussing how beautiful you photos are! My favorits must be the ones with the leaves!

Beth Cyr said...

oh thank you ladies!! the purple is an amethyst - a really lovely color. I used to not be super fond of purple, now its one of my favorites!