Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sometimes I hear an older cd that I realize I've missed hearing. When I first got this one, I listed to it alllll the time. It evokes all the feelings I had during that particular summer, brings back memories of the heat, driving to Savannah on a whim late one night and in general, being really busy and a little all over the place. Maybe I've wanted to listen to it now b/c I'm really busy, its hot and I feel a little all over the place?!

Pink is great to listen to when I need a little upbeat girliness. I think I must have such eclectic listening tastes b/c I like something for every mood, and well, I have lots of moods and it helps to have music for all of them!

Do you have anything that you particularly love listening to that brings that sense of nostalgia?

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Dallas Shaw said...

your etsy page is amazing