Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Subtlety - New Wedding Bands

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When I was first learning to cast, I remember my teacher specifically saying not to cast something that can be fabricated more easily. When I was thinking of making these rings, that was all I could think about. Was it worth casting these when they are really just simple bands? The more I thought about them and looked around at other "simple" sterling bands, the more I realized that they are different and they are worth casting. It's subtle, hence the name.

The edges are soft and there is a very slight 'texture' that can only be achieved through the soft wax that I use. They are silky and satiny looking to me. And oddly, were hard to focus on as there seemed to be no hard edge the autofocus could land on! There is something about these that make me really happy. They are almost calming. A customer said it reminded her of a pool of water. They kind of remind me of a gentle breeze... maybe blowing over a pool of water.

You can see the listing on Etsy or Artfire.


kerin rose said...

being a casting girl my self, I dont agree with your prof ( respectfully!)...there is,as you say Beth, as softer "look" that I also prefer!... I am working on a set of wedding bands as I write this, that i forged out of ringsstock, and am then casting the silver masters into yellow soften the look, just as you say!

Dimitrova said...

These are so beautiful! They remind me of the way the snow shimmers under the winter sun on a crisp, cool and sunny snowy March morning. Very elegant.

Erica said...

They are just gorgeous, so soft. I love them.

Christina said...

i do love the soft subtlety of these...very nice beth!

Beth Cyr said...

Aw, thanks everyone! It does remind me of snow too now that you mention it!