Friday, June 6, 2008

14k tree bark ring

14k tree bark ring
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Oh how I have waited to actually cast one of these! And finally! I had some left over gold bits from a few different commissions, so I melted them all together to make this ring. Its mostly peach gold and then had a little yellow and rose mixed in - which just made it even more peachy! I love melting metal! And gold really is a joy to work with and once I forget about how much it actually costs - its really just metal! Of course, when I'm filing or grinding I do save all the dust! That dust adds up and can be melted to a few casting grains which add up to at least part of a pennyweight!

I hope I get some commissions from doing this one b/c I really like how it looks and would love for someone else to pay for me to play with some more gold!


Sofia Kemm said...

Hi Beth I have just come across ur great blog and I really like your wonderful work!Ive recently started blogging and am quite new to every thing it seems like such a great way to get feedback on ur work and interact with other artists all over the world.....
My name is sofia,I am a silversmith living in Durban South Africa would love to hear from you and maybe u could check out my blog?

Jinny said...

Hey there,
Just wanted to say I really enjoy the organic feel of the rings, bangles, and jewelry you have on your etsy page. I can appreciate the wonderful form :). I was wondering if you're willing to do custom designs for wedding bands? My fiance and I are getting married in January 2009.

Beth Cyr said...

thanks sofia! i'll definitely check it out!

hey jinny! I'd love to do some custom work for you! you can either convo me through etsy or send me an email at :)