Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hi there!

Hi there!
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I love spiders. I really do - I love that they eat other bugs that bite me. They are crafty artists who spin gorgeous webs - and many for the most part, are just really pretty. I do have a No touch, No bit policy though. I won't touch you, you don't bite me. It works out great!

I was working on my tent set up for this coming Athfest weekend. We have a bunch of cinder blocks that form this kind of wall thing that I've always hated, and I thought "I'll just grab a couple of those to strap to the legs! This one was my first choice as it is solid - no holes like the standard cinder block. Well, She thought it was the best one too. I'm really thankful that I tilted it up first to see what might have been lurking underneath it, instead of just picking it straight up. Oh so glad I did. Though she really wasn't interested in me in the least. I decided to do some research on my friend the Black Widow. Come to find out - they rarely eat their mates! What a bad name they've gotten and its not even all that true. They are really poisonous, but the % of people that die is something like 1%... sooo... don't more people die from bee stings?

I put her back down how she had been safely wedged between the ground and ye old cinder block. I don't bother you, you don't bother me. Course if she wants to take a picture of me, I'll happily pose for her.

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