Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Athfest '08

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So I'm finally starting to feel all caught up... well getting there anyway. and I wanted to share a few of the highlights from Athfest this past weekend.

It totally wore me out! But the fact that I'm not a night owl doesn't help - I didn't get home until Midnight on Friday (set up at noon, but didn't start til 5:00), 11:30pm on Saturday (set up at 11:00) and a bit after 9:00pm on Sunday (set up at noon) and i start to feel tired just thinking of it! ha ha!!!

Anyway - the exciting bits!!! I made lots of sales - it was fantastic! And that is always a good thing!!

I won honorable mention again!! I did last year too and was really hoping that I would get at least that again - the jurors were different, so you never know. But its so validating to have someone appreciate your work and give you an extra $100 for it!!! Very Happy Times. I was so excited that one of the other artists thought I must have one Best of Show! haha! nope, just excited to win anything!

AND..... Someone recognized my logo from etsy!!! This is really exciting b/c over the past year I have worked on trying to create a "brand" not just recognizable jewelry style, but a logo, colors, etc. A gal was walking by and stopped and said "Are you on Etsy? I recognized your cards" (which have my logo on it)!! How excited was I??

Lots more people had heard of etsy this year which was great. I gave out lots of the EtsyMetal brochures (even though they are a little out of date, they are still fabulous) And I have some Etsy promo stuff that I gave out too - little education can go a long way!

Overall it was just a fabulous weekend. It wasn't nearly as hot as it was last year, high 80's instead of near 100. I blacked out last year for a little bit b/c I got so hot. Totally fine this year, partially b/c the guy who was the art coordinator put me and my friend Monica Jones in the shade!! We were under a tree and had shade allll day! It was amazing!!! Its also fun b/c its actually more of a music festival and there are bands playing on two different stages (alternating between the two) all day long - and we were right in between the two stages, so we could hear them really well and got all the traffic of lookers between the two stages.

But i can say for sure that I am tired of talking to people - my voice even started to get raspy by Sunday from being so chatty.... I worked hard to be upbeat even when I was getting tired.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!!


stacey said...

i'm glad it went so well!!

Amanda Conley said...

It's great to see this setup! I've just branched out to tent shows (had been only doing indoor shows) and I need some better ideas on how to make my tent look inviting...love the hanging plants!
P.s. I've added you to my blog roll;)

Beth Cyr said...

thanks!!! I was glad it went well too, sometimes you just don't know...

I love the hanging plants! I originally just got 2 and went back for two more b/c I thought they added a really nice feel.