Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charm Swap!

charm swap day 1
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In EtsyMetal land - we are having a charm swap! I was in charge of collecting all the charms from everyone (from all over the world they came!) and then dividing them all up and sending them all out again!

It was quite a mess as you can see. Though it looks crazy and unorganized, it really wasn't. Even though I did put two of one in the same bag - I got it all squared away and triple checked all of them as I was packaging them up!

And a fun thing happened - I was thinking " I need loads of bubble wrap - I don't want to buy any!" And then we bought a new grill (very fun, yum yum - grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms) and there was LOADS of bubble wrap in the box! It was perfect! huge sheets of it ready to be reused and sent on. Most of the envelopes were recycled too!

And the charms are oh so exciting! I am going to make a necklace w/ mine - but haven't had time!

Why no time? ATHFEST! come see me this weekend - Fri, Sat, Sun on Washington St in downtown Athens! I'm crazily getting ready - so come and see all my hard work and how its (hopefully) paid off!

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