Wednesday, June 4, 2008

for my mom

for my mom
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I finally finished this pendant for my mom, just in time for mother's day! (I did actually get the pendant done in time, but was waiting til she had it to blog about it... then i forgot! oops!)

It is fossilized palm - which is totally fascinating to me. I love fossilized woods and how they are so unique and organic. Most palm is a tan color - as you'd kind of expect - but this one was this gorgeous light blue. So of course, being one of my favorite colors, I had to get it. And that was about 4 years ago. I wanted to do a piece for my mom, so I let her pick out which stone was her favorite and this one was of course! And then it sat and sat. I worked on one setting that was vetoed by both her and myself. And then it sat for another few years. Until I finally got it all together and created this piece! And i was extremely excited with how it turned out. Its one of those pieces that I feel really expresses the sort of jewelry I would love to make all the time. I (pretty obviously) have difficulty in sitting down and slowing down enough to concentrate on a single piece. Even though I was still working on two or three other things while I was working on this! Better than the 8 or 10 I usually have going.

It is fused and soldered Argentium, fine, and sterling silver. Each kind of silver does a little something different, so they all have their place in my work. This piece makes me happy, but most importantly, it made my mom really happy. She loved it and it made me so glad to hear that in her voice. Hopefully it was 4 years worth waiting for!


Katie Do said...

Beautiful pendant! I just posted a pendant last night that I made from fossilized coral.

stacey said...

its gorgeous beth!!