Friday, February 5, 2010

Beth Cyr Weddings is up and running!

My new shop is finally looking a bit more 'full' and I've added a few new things that I never had in my other/regular shop, so I figured it was time I actually posted about it here! Many of you might remember I was trying to decide if it would be a good thing or not to have a separate shop and I decided it was the right thing to do. I think I had forgotten a little bit on how tedious it is to create a new listing, which is why I only have 22 items in my shop right now. Going back and finding photographs of listings I created in my other shop is quite interesting! So I've only been doing a few here and there, though I got even more added yesterday. I'm hoping by the end of the month I will have my full current selection available. The biggest improvement is having the different sections. I think it will make seeing the different width and style options much easier for browsing customers.
Also, I will be adding a few new designs within the next month or two. January was really really busy and I've been working hard to get all caught up. I feel like I am really on top of everything right now and even have some time to do some other creative projects without feeling guilty that I am putting someone on hold for a day or two! Such as... project runway! The next piece is due today by 3:00 est... so keep a look out for it... its going to be something special!
I feel like Feb. 1st was the new Jan 1st and is starting a whole new year. My taxes are done, I'm much more organized, new designs in the works, fantastic!


kerin rose said...

hey Beth!...I checked it out! I think its a great idea, and it looks LOVELY!
oxox Kerin

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Kerin!!

Lydia said...

Your new Wedding Shop looks great, Beth, and I too think it's a very good idea. I can certainly vouch for the wonderful work that you do! My sweetheart and I are actually putting our Subtlety Bands to use on Saturday - we get married this weekend! :)