Friday, February 5, 2010

Ring a Day #32-36

Some of these rings may at first glance appear to be 'cheat' rings... and well, maybe they are - but they are all somewhat experimental variations of previous rings. So I'm counting them!

#36 - the paperclip triangle

#35 - Palladium Sterling - a new alloy I'm just starting to work with!

#34 - 3mm love rocks milled down from a little piece of 5mm stock, and with a new gold patina. Its different from the previous one I had and I'm not sure I like it - its the first time I used it... so we'll see...

#33 - 2mm love rocks - milled down from a tiny piece of scrap 5mm stock - so proud of myself! I couldn't believe I'd managed to use that little chunk and turn it in to a ring I wanted to make. Granted, it is a sz 4, but it fits me just perfect :)

#32 - two rings, but since they are a pair I'm counting them as one! The new palladium sterling alloy with a satin finish and a more subtle texture than usual.


Lesley said...

#34 swoon! i love bands. how beautiful. i love your designs. xo

Beth Cyr said...

aww, thank you! that one is available.. maybe in your size ;)