Friday, February 5, 2010

EMJC-PR7.3 - "Inspiration from the Met"

This week's challenge was fantastic. Though the idea for the piece I created was something I've been planning on doing for years now, I used this week as an excuse to actually make it! I had a little more time than usual to play around with it, so I decided now was the time.

When I was in college I made several bra/bustier pieces and am really inspired by full chest ornamentation. There isn't an easy market for it, so I haven't done much in the past few years, I was glad for the chance to do something super fun!

I was really please with how it turned out, but there are some things that I would like to work on more, time wasn't allowing it this week! Guess that's how it is on the show, always something more you could do!

My inspiration piece from the Met:
created by the Cadora Jewels Corp - there's no real information about it.... but it was the first piece I saw when I typed in jewelry and I knew that was it!

My piece, all argentium sterling silver, all fused, no solder! Handmade chain and large organic vine "cups":

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