Friday, April 30, 2010

New Website!

My dear friend Kate (of jetkatdesigns) redesigned a webpage for me. My last whole site was very much out of date and though I don't have the time or energy in to getting a whole site redone, I needed at least a new page. Though, in total, way more went in to it than just what you see.

It all started because I got a new fax machine... and was running out of business cards.
I need a new phone number and the fact that I was almost out of my business cards was perfect. So I got a new phone number for calling purposes, while my old number stayed with the fax machine. But the phone number on the old site (which was pretty much inaccessible) was wrong and if you had seen it recently, you'd have known how out of date the whole thing was.
Now, its just a landing pad for the most important of my sites - my two etsy shops, blog, flickr, and my artfire site. And has all the current contact info. It's clean and simple and I love it. The old email platform (is that the right word??) was horrid and I hated it - now w/ the same email address - its set up through google. And all of my email addresses come to one location. Its almost so organized I don't know what to do!
I have my new business cards, new web page, new email, new phone number and I also got new ring boxes that are pretty great. Now that I think about it, its no wonder I've been so overwhelmed! I'm one of those people that likes change. I really embrace new things and love that every day is different. Sometimes if too much is going on, its like my brain capacity can't handle it. But now I feel like its all falling back in to place.

In the future - may it be 6 months or several years - I'll get around to having a whole site set up that will have its own gallery of images, shopping cart, etc. Right now, that's way more organizing than I can deal with - b/c afterall, I do have rings to make!

Make sure to check out Kate - she is an amazing artist, designer, photographer and new mother... her website and etsy.

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