Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Tab Quote of the Day

May your inner self be secure and happy.

... and allergy free!
Not as "pretty" of a photo as I usually post, but goodness, check out that pollen. Yesterday the pollen count was around 1900 and today it is a bit over 2900! in a day it jumped that much! It is definitely the time of year that the neti pot comes in handy. I'm hoping that this year I will consistently stay with using it and not have my one week of allergies. Many people I know feel terrible during this time of year. I only have a tiny dose of one particular plant in my yard that seems to affect me. I'm not sure what it is, but it's usually later in the season a bit and I think is something I've never been around before b/c it never happened until I lived at this house. Though I'm hoping this year it just won't happen! I'm planning on keeping my immune system boosted and "cleaned" out. Spring time already makes me feel like a super hero, so I'm hoping I'll just plow right through with no problem!

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