Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Tab Quote of the Day and studio update

Yay for springtime!

Well, my tea tab quotes may be a bit on the way out. I think they must have one for each of the tea bags in the box, but I am starting to have more and more repeats. Today's was a new one though!

Serve humanity so that people feel we are kind to them.


Things here in the studio are quite busy. And by "quite" I mean, the busiest I've ever been. Its very good and very exciting, and I'm doing much better about prioritizing, which means my computer time is being cut short so I can stay on top of the incoming orders. This means my blogging time is one of the first to go, especially w/ repeated quotes coming in! I've been trying to take photos of the week's groupings, though I often mail out a few during the week, but this is one shot from last week:

and from the weekend's batch (I normally take most of the weekend off, but this was a little bit of a work weekend)

(These are also counting as my ring-a-days #90 - 104!)

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