Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recycle Your Packing/Packaging Material

So often I hear people say they buy their packing material. I've never had the need to, I recycle! I order so many of my supplies and most boxes come with their own stuffing. Some have styrofoam or the eco-friendly dissolving peanuts, the little inflatable air packets, others just use paper or my favorite, bubble wrap! Though I know its fun to simply pop it, save it instead and reuse it!

I have a large bag I use to collect the variety of materials I receive and then I simply pluck something out when I am mailing my own package. If I happen to be using a flat rate envelope instead of a box, old bubble mailers are great for an additional inside cushioning.

Plastic bags are great to reuse as are old newspaper, magazines or even shredded bits from your paper shredder (just make sure they are thoroughly mixed up!)

Bottom line - recycling your incoming packing material is not only good for the environment, its great on your wallet!


Brooke said...

That's a smart idea. And I hate those packing peanuts because they get everywhere but I saw someone put them in a plastic bag so they're not messy but can still be used for the same purpose.

Shredder Clay said...

There are a variety of ways to make re-use out of your paper shreds. I posted a blog entry a while back about it, "Shredding and Recycling". From crafts to shipping materials to composting....