Friday, September 4, 2009

EMJC-PR6.2 - "Pregnancy"

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All finished finally w/ the 2nd challenge.
This one was rather interesting - a pregnancy challenge. For the show - designing clothes for a pregnant belly is much different - so the interpretation really opened up a lot more for jewelry. A lot of us were really inspired by Malvin's interpretation, which though he got kicked off, was the most artistic interpretation of the theme.

My piece is fused sterling silver - my organic vine pattern that I created a 'ball' out of. It also reminds me of a birdcage. I filled it with these gorgeous yellow flowers - 4 o'clocks. They don't bloom during most of the day and when they are closed up, the rather look like scrambled eggs - or just plain scrambled egg yolks.

The chain is all handmade fused argentium sterling silver also. There is no clasp - so it is super easy to just slide right over your head! A little symbolism w/ a little practicality.


Emily said...

Gorgeous, Beth! I love how it is unusual but still completely wearable. The colors are so beautiful together. It will be cool to see the process of the flower drying out and how that changes it.

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Emily!
I'm actually really curious about that too - to see what the flower petals turn in to! Initially I would have liked to dry and press them first, but then they wouldn't have been the lovely scrunchy looking texture!

Christina said...

very nice beth! i really like necklaces that are long enough not to require a clasp. very classy.

Moondoonie said...

Love the color and the concept.