Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project Runway Challenge: This week's theme - NEWSPAPER!

From Vic on the Etsymetal blog: "OK designers! WOW, this weeks challenge is the most straight forward one yet! I am adding one element to this one, pre-printed book pages can be used as well for this one. So all we need to do is incorporate some newspaper in a piece of jewelry and voila! Can't wait to see all your crazy creative creations! Now, "Carry On!"

I'm actually way more excited about this one than I was last week. I don't really have any particular ideas yet, but its something I haven't done before, incorporate newspaper in to jewelry. Since we don't have to use ONLY newspaper for our challenge, I don't think it will be too difficult at all! We'll see though...

1 comment:

Victoria Takahashi said...

i am kind of lost with this one...
oh and dont forget, you can use paint and dye and glue etc (just like on the show!)
this is a toughie for me!
Can't wait to see what you do Beth!