Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Runway Challenge.... haven't started yet!

wait didn't i just have this title last week?

yet again though - this week is a tough one for me.

you can read about the challenge on the etsymetal blog - but my 3 parameters are RING, ALUMINUM, VICTORIAN/BYZANTINE. I have an idea that is brewing though and I think it will be okay. hopefully it will be fabulous!

we were able to have a 'redraw' of one of the elements. at first i though, no.... I'll just stick w/ it and figure something out. and then I decided, why not try for something else. I couldn't decide whether to redraw on material or 'era/style' and went w/ material. and got leather/faux fur. which to me, doing a victorian ring w/ faux fur or leather was even more of a disaster, so I went back to my original aluminum idea. I'm going to work on it today so look for the finished project tomorrow when you will either say "what was she thinking" or "wow, great job" isn't that usually how it is?

and again - feel free to play along too!

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