Friday, September 11, 2009

EMJC-PR6.3 - "Surfwear" - Sea Goddess

This piece was so fun to make. Again, I had a general idea but wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do. I really love big fan coral - they are like the trees of the sea! I also had kelp in mind. I was making earrings at first and then realized it needed to be a little bigger and as a necklace. The coral bits can be taken off as well if you prefer just the metal look. I put a light liver of sulfur patina in yellow and orange hues, w/ some deeper colors towards the bottom. I didn't want the straight up black, but it also wasn't quite right without the patina.

The chain is segments of fused argentium sterling as well that look like little sticks of coral, (or just sticks!). Minus the coral and it looks rather like branches! Make sure to check later today for the entry on the EtsyMetal blog - our members have been really inspired and created some amazing pieces!


Victoria Takahashi said...

beth it IS realllly lovely, i love the light patina and the big splash of red. I love coral too!

like you :)

Beth Cyr said...

aww, thanks Vic! I'm really loving doing these projects - I thought doing one a week might be tough, but feeling like it is an assignment makes me get it done - even a couple hours a week of doing a piece that I want to make is really helping me!

NinaGibsonDesigns said...

It's really lovely, Beth.

Replica Jewelry said...

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