Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Carnival 10.05.09

If you aren't familiar w/ the blog carnival - Every month EtsyMetal picks a topic for us to blog about. This month's is: "What would you *love*, more than anything, to make right now, if you could?"
I sort of have two different things.

One of my dreams is to work with a clothing designer to create red carpet looks with an interesting dress/jewelry combo. Something where the jewelry is the most likely the focal point, not just an accessory. One of the few things I've ever worked on sketching are designs for jewelry(mostly necklaces) and then design the neck of the dress to fit the necklace.

We're supposed to include some sort of image so I found two red carpet images that I think are lovely. The actually pieces are not anything like I would make. But they definitely make an impact.

I particularly love this one b/c the back is included. I think a simple understated front w/ a powerful back is a nice lovely surprise (not that this is understated at all!) Course, 1400 carats is going to make an impact regardless (necklace by L’Wren Scott).

Love this one too. I think is actually part of the dress, just lovely. And the earrings, are super fantastic too.

The other dream is to do something similar, but more costumey for movies. I really love movies as a medium as its an outlet to be completely over the top. And I think I must like Cate Blanchett.... The jewelry in Lord of the Rings was truly amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! movie adornments Would be soooo cool!
Awesome Beth!

ColleenBaran said...

Yes, I'm definitely keen on work for the movies too.