Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zibbet - what am I thinking opening another shop?

But that is exactly what I did this morning. First of all, Zibbet is really fun to say. Its kind of like when you were little and your mom would look at you chattin' on about something and say "Zip it!!" but with the voice a cartoon character with a cold.

Also, it is lovely and clean and simple. Though I love artfire, sometimes their front page makes me a little anxious w/ so much stuff going on.

I also went ahead w/ the 'premium' member status just to try everything out.

There are loads of neat little tools - it is extremely user friendly. I don't like to have to look up how to do anything, I like to just be able to do it and have it be so easy its self explanatory and intuitive. Kind of like how using a mac is :)

You can copy a listing - so now every time I list a new width of a ring, I can just copy the whole listing, change a couple words and photos and its done! They also have all kinds of shop performance stats. I do love statistics!! Annndd - their color is green. Their banner is a different size, but it allows for the option of using the etsy size banner, so I just did that for now - I do have actual work I need to get done today!!

And one more thing - it is SO new that there is hardly anything in the wedding category. I've only listed 3 ring sets and I have more wedding rings listed than the one other person that has a wedding ring available. Something I always wished was that I jumped in on Etsy sooner than I did. But hey, that was a long time ago, no need to look back.

Check out my shop here, and yes, I only have three things, but still, check it out anyway :)


Lindsey said...

your rings are so beautiful, I'm very seriously considering them should the occasion arise :)

Are there fees with Zibbet like with Etsy?

Beth Cyr said...

aw, thanks lindsey! :)

the fee is $7/mo - like artfire. no listing or commission fees, just that one flat rate. its an introductory price right now (or you can do a free membership w/ limitations) but will go up after the first 2500 sellers sign up.

Lindsey said...

interesting, I may look into that. :)