Saturday, October 10, 2009

A little bit of Artfire newness

This info from Artfire:

Verified/Pro members now have a “quick edit” Pro Seller Options on the front end of their studio. These seller options only appear to the owner of a studio when they are logged in and viewing their studio’s products. These new pro seller quick edits include the ability to edit, inactivate, and delete a listing right from the item’s page. Now you can quickly find and edit items, fix typos, and change mistakes. Pro sellers can also quickly inactivate a listing, or delete the listings without having to find the product via the normal My ArtFire edit screen.

makes me very happy - I love that when I am looking at an item listing - if I see a problem, I can directly click edit from that screen. It makes it soooo much easier.

This feature is also on Zibbet and made me very happy. It was one of the few things that Zibbet had that Artfire didn't. I like that Artfire continues to add more and more improvements.

Now if I can just get some traffic and sales on either Artfire or Zibbet, I'll be a happy girl!

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