Monday, September 8, 2008

I like spiders

I do - I really do! These garden spiders are extremely fascinating - in a very small area - maybe like 6ft x 4ft - there are 7! There are 4 actually in a big rosemary bush - which you can see in the background of this shot and then 3 more with their webs attached to the back of the bush to the ground. Its quite amazing. I remember hearing a story on NPR a few years back about spiders working together - and apparently, these are! I think the theory (or maybe it was proven) is that by building their webs all close together, they will catch more. Its quite fascinating that they aren't just solitary hunters... or are these spiders more like gathers?? I mean if they just collect the food caught in their webs.... anyway. They each have their own webs, but I think some of them actually touch some of the others.

This spider had a eucalyptus leaf fall in its web. I was wondering what it was doing with the leaf as it almost looked like it was trying to eat it - then a min or so later I looked back and the leaf was gone! Not eating, just removing it from its web. I find spiders to be extremely interesting. If you do too, you can see more on my flickr.

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