Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leaf in the forest

leaf in the forest
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This ring has been a long time coming. It started with the band - which was a 'happy accident'. I got a little risky with my sprues and ended up with a great ring... just not a complete ring! The edges were fantastic, perfectly curved and soft right at the ends. I knew it would be great with a stone in between. But of course it sat on my work bench for awhile. Like probably a few months. Then I went to one of the gem and lapidary shows in Franklin, NC and found some fantastic green turquoise. Its one of my favorites. I like traditional 'blue' turquoise, but the greener ones are my favorites. Plus, shades of green go great with my tree bark texture. I'd gotten the cabs... about... 2 months ago? or more... I can't even remember. But they have just been sitting around too and I finally got them together. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

That's a very cool ring, Beth. I think I prefer turquoise with greenish hues too :)

Beth Cyr said...

like this fabulous bracelet you have!

Anonymous said...

I love that ring. The green turquoise and the bark texture fit together perfectly.