Monday, September 15, 2008

Jewelry Tennis

earring tennis
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So I had this idea a couple weeks ago - I think partially b/c I had been watching the US Open - a lot - and have started playing tennis again in real life - its called Jewelry Tennis. I don't know that there really any rules - no out of bounds, no net, well and instead of a racket - I suppose we have hammers? or torches - or both!

I specifically thought of my dear friend Sophie who lives across the big pond in the UK. Her style is similar to mine in a way that I love everything she makes, but different from mine in that everything she does is something I wouldn't think of! Sometimes I feel like we share a creative brain. So basically the idea is that one of us will make something and the other will hit back with something inspired by, but different than, that particular piece. I think we've been playing for a long time now already, but for real, its started! And this is her first piece! There is no time frame - so It might be a week or two before I come up with mine - but I'm excited for a new fun challenge!


Anonymous said...

psssst, Beth;
you did know they were a response to your pebble hoops, didn't you? I thought I'd said when I mentioned these a few days ago, I'm sorry.
so you started, and this is definitely a rally now!

Beth Cyr said...

ha ha, I didn't at first! Then I figured they probably were!! Sometimes I am slow.. sometimes fast :) this was a slow time!

Anonymous said...

and we both have green blogs. as long as you don't call your daughter sophie we should probably be safe ;)

Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

Go girls, go! I want to see what comes of this mutual inspiration!