Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Victoria is the best

Victoria is the best
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I have long admired Victoria's jewelry and as a person she is just fantastic - I am so happy to have gotten these as a gift from her!! I remember seeing her shop shortly after I joined etsy and just being completely enamored with everything she made! She is awesome and so is her jewelry. You have to check out her stuff if you haven't seen it or if you've not checked in recently, she is always coming up with fabulous unique items.Thank you!!!!!!! I love them!!


Victoria Takahashi said...

Beth you are so sweet!
I see this was posted a year ago! oopsy....
you are so welcome its MY pleasure.
ANd thankyou for being so thoughtful and kind to me as well.

Beth Cyr said...

aww, even better that you saw it now! :)