Monday, September 15, 2008

Tree bark ring set w/ diamond

I have some of the most lovely customers. Julie from Vancouver, sent me her and her husbands wedding bands to melt down and cast in my tree bark texture. She also sent along her engagement ring with this sweet diamond. I absolutely love how they turned out!!

So I made some new rings in wax - added the diamond to hers and put them in the kiln! After waiting a several anxious hours, they were ready to cast - I melted down her rings and cast them. Then I had to wait another hour to let them cool - quenching too soon can shock a diamond and cause it to crack. Everything came out perfect!! I added a patina which gives gold such a lovely earthy tone. Who knew I'd be a gold and diamonds type of gal?!

I had actually done an experimental one with a smaller diamond a week ago, but when i tried photographing it... the lighting was all off. I'll have to rephotograph it and do a post on it too. A much smaller diamond, but super cute. I really like the contrast of using gold, giving it a rough and organic texture and pairing it with something sparkley, like a diamond.

I also got a couple of sapphires I am wanting to try - I think they will look gorgeous in silver or gold. So many things I want to try and so little time! I am off to get to work!


Anonymous said...

Love this beautiful diamond ring!!

Joanne Hurley said...

Such beautiful ring! Great stuff, love it.

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Joanne! :)

Anonymous said...

OH wow this is gorgeous! how much does an engagement ring like this go for? or how much is the whole set with the wedding bands also?!

Beth Cyr said...

hey there!
you can checkout more rings and prices in my wedding shop:

and you can convo me there directly w/ questions :)