Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love Rocks w/ patina

Love Rocks w/ patina
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These rings were inspired by a series I started a few months ago. I've been calling them my 'reclaimed' texture as they all started out a different piece and after some work, had a new face lift with a lovely new texture. The texture is created with three different hammers and gives a really unique hammered look. I think it rather looks like granite!

I hadn't decided on keep the "reclaimed" name or changing it up for the wedding band set, as these rings were never anything else, they will be custom made just for the customer to look like this. So, I wasn't sure I should keep the reclaimed name.. I'm still pondering it. I like the little play on words in 'love rocks' they are like rocks, and also kind of like a teenage saying "that Rocks!" I can decide, but for right now, this is what they are going to be called. They are available with or without the patina.


Lynette said...

great photo!

Beth Cyr said...

aw, thanks lynette - i stumbled around my yard til I found the perfect rock to clean up! In my head I knew thats what these rings reminded me of, I just had to find the right photogenic rock!!