Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Workbench - coming soon!!

I am so excited - for my birthday my sweetheart is going to help me build a proper workbench. I had planned on buying one - but there are some strange, uh... floor requirements that have to be worked around - and buying one would require altering - so building one from scrap with a lot of material we already have seemed to make much more sense. Today we've been working on some drawings, doing some measurements and figuring out the structural components. I'm VERY excited and can't wait til it is all done!

Several months ago I got a GRS Benchmate - but haven't been able to set it up b/c of the table I work at now... I guess I should have done the workbench first and THEN got the benchmate! ah, well, this is just making me get the workbench done.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday well wishes and the support of my birthday sale!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (belated)
What a wonderful birthday present.