Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pile of bangles

pile of bangles
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I love making bangles, b/c they are my favorite kind of 'wrist decoration' to wear! I used to not like bangles b/c they were always too big for me. Once I started making my own and learned how to make them just the right size - I love wearing them! I like to know for sure that it won't fall off or get pulled off or anything. I've been meaning to make some sets of bangles that were readily available to buy, not just the custom sets - and these are one of the sets I finished yesterday. There are 7 of the skinny bangles, w/ 2 different types of hammer marks. They are great to wear all together or just a couple. I like wearing even just a single one. A nice little touch if you're not feeling too jingley, or adding all of them for a bigger impact.

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