Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Newest Custom wedding bands

custom leaf and alexandrite
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I love the little dash of color of the alexandrite. I got some new synthetic stones that can be cast in place for the look I want in these tree bark rings. I'd always felt a bit odd about synthetic or simulated stones, as I do like a 'real' and natural stones. But in an environmentally friendly aspect, I do like the idea of synthetic stones. These sweet beauties are made to be cast in place and take the high (over 1000 degree) temperatures the kiln gets up to. I am very pleased with the result and am excited about doing more! I got some sapphires and rubies and yellow topaz as well so look for some little dashes of color coming soon!

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sophie (duckduckgoosestuff) said...

beeeotiful. And I love the sense of peace in your photos, too.