Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tumbler Surpise

I've been really productive this week. Got waxes done Monday morning, invested and in the kiln, while working on more waxes, cast that night. Then invested Tues. morning, more in the kiln, more cast Tues. night - I've been working all day to finish up everything I cast and I am super super excited with what will be coming out of the tumbler this afternoon!! Most of them are custom pieces... well, actually, they are all custom pieces, one is a new design. Something similar to pieces I've done before, but am expanding on a little bit with some help from my lovely customer, Linnea. I think she is going to be super excited to see it all finished, as am I!

No photos yet, so I will just create some suspense!


IstvanBloggin' said...

Great blog!Your pieces are amazing.

Beth Cyr said...

thank you!!!