Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wendy is a genius... and I can say she is my friend!

from wendy...
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So yes, my friend Wendy is a genius. You can see a better shot of the pendant I got here. I love wearing it, not only because it is super cute, but because it makes me think of my dear friend allll the way across the big Atlantic. I've been so thankful to have 'met' and made such wonderful connections with metalsmith's around the world. I never used to wear anyone else's jewelry, but now I love buying and trading and wearing great fabulous pieces that I'd never think to make or couldn't make! And I love saying "A good friend of mine made this fabulous piece."

And this is her newest piece.

I am just in love w/ it. Our EtsyMetal challenge of the month is "moving parts" and/or "steel"

I am quite in love and it really doesn't need more than a photo for you to see why...

check out more lovely items in her shop and her blog.


Anonymous said...

lovely! I'd been thinking about moving parts since Jewelry Artist Mag had a big thing about them.
Jewelry you're meant to play with!

Wendy said...

Weeeeeeeeee! You are such a doll. Thank you!